Current Members


Patrick  & Karen Allen Lijun & David Chadima
Martha Ely Goralka Sandra  Neumann


Anace and Polly Aossey James Beranek Robert  and Kathleen Cook Scott Gay Bradley and Jade Hart Terry and Linda Heller Joanne Hendricks and Donald Stamy
Gingie Hunstad Kathryn and William Kilbourn Keith and Cheryl Krewe Thea Leslie Jim and Rose Marie Monagan Dave and Lisa Morris Ron Mussman
Richard and Irene Olney James and Roberta Phinney Virginia Rystrom Calvin and Linda Van Niewaal Millie Wright


Shirley  and Bruce Alexander Roger and Carolyn Allen Joan and Tom Auterman Kevin and Diane Ballard Ronald and Catherine Baty Dennis  Beatty William and Verna Boland Rick and Kellie Buresh Ken Cooper John and Cordelia Cosgrove Fred and Velga Easker Allan and Marcia Lee Eggers Mary Lou and David Erlacher
Warren and Fern Fackler Jim Federer William Gasway Richard Harman Craig and Linne Hobler Bruce and Linda Koehler Dennis and Karen Kral Dick Lamb and Sondra Bolsinger-Lamb Roxanne and John McCrane Thomas and Lillie Moore Scott and Penny Olson Dianne  Osmun and Gary Downs
Nancy and Thomas Pugh Michele Roddey Joan Ross Lou Ann and Duane Sands Darlene Schrimper Ronald and Carol Stallman Lyle and Berna Strathman Francis and Mary Stull Doug Thompson Jon and Lisa Thompson


Jerald and Wanda Anderson Debbra and Michael Beall Richard and Theresa Beall Katie and Benjamin Blackstock John and Karen Brandt Bernard and Barbara Cooper Arlene Dayhoff Bonnie  Dodge and Terry Kemme Nancy and Fred Gable
William Gralund Don and Irene Hamous Dorothy Hinman Sue and Will Kirkland Roger and Christine Kirpes Dave and Ethel  Knutson Wayne  Kreutner Patricia and Brian Kruse Dennis and Kathy Loux Daniel McGrail
Stan and Susan Moulder Peggy Oettinger Dean Parr Larry and Renee Pinkston Tom and Suzanne Renner Scott and Diane Stevenson Charles and Edna Stookesberry David and Linda Toerper Michelle Wilson and Patrick Schmidt


Patricia Acton Doug Anderson Dwayne Augspurger Mary Jen Bear Mark Benischek Dolores Blood Cathy Broughton Judith Brown John Cook Tina Cottrell Betty Debban Evelyn Evans Sharon Fuller Carole Gauger Tim Gilbertson Kathleen Good Sally Harms Linda Hey Catherine Hoppenworth
Esther Hudson B. Diane Jacobs Eugene Jahncke Dorothy Johnson Margaret Kacena Sally Kane June King Patricia Kraus Allison Kundel Marilyn Lefebure Edna Lingo Jane Looker Cindy Lundine Garnet Mader Betsey McCalley Judy Mitschelen Henrietta Mueller Dick Mundy Douglas Munson
Linda Rae Norton Nick Oakley Diana Pagan Karen Parker Charlotte Pence Betty Raher Dorothy Ramsey Melissa Randall Beth Riggleman William Severa Joanne Smith Julie Stow Robert Swen Karen Taylor Diane Thompson Galen Wenger Karen Zazza