Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I come to The History Center to do research?
    • The History Center has archives that are available for public research. However, a research request must be made in advance so that volunteers can pull the relevant information before you come to the office. Please click here to make a research request.
  1. Can I use a photo from The History Center for my business/exhibit/publication/ect?
    • Photos from The History Center may be reproduced for a fee. Please note that The History Center is not the copyright holder of all images and it is the responsibility of the individual reproducing the image to ensure that copyright laws are followed. More information can be found on this form.
  1. Where can I see a History Center exhibit?
    • Our exhibits are currently located at the Cedar Rapids Public Library. Please see this page to learn more about our current exhibit. The Oakland Road location does not have exhibits.
  1. Can Mark Stoffer Hunter give a presentation at my event/lead a tour for my group?
    • Mark Stoffer Hunter is available for private events and tours. To request a speaking engagement, please see this page.
  1. Where can I find information about an event?
    • All events are listed on our program calendar. If you have additional questions, you may call The History Center at 319-362-1501.
  1. Do I need to buy a ticket for walking tours?
    • Walking tour admissions are $5 for members, $7 for the general public. We do not sell advance tickets for our outdoor tours and there is no limit on how many people may attend the outdoor walking tours. You will pay your admission on the day of the event.
  1. I am a member of ______________. Do I get member-priced admissions to History Center events?
    • Only members of The History Center receive member admissions to events. Click here to become a member.
  1. Can I donate an object to The History Center?
    • The History Center accepts object donations that are relevant to Linn County history. In order to donate an object, you will need to contact our curator. For more information on the objects that we accept and how to donate, visit this page.
  1. When will you be in the Douglas Mansion?
    • We are currently planning to open the Douglas Mansion to the public in late summer 2018.
  2. Why did organization sell the 1st Avenue facility and purchase the Douglas Mansion?
    • The Douglas Mansion is one of the most historically important structures in Linn County, and therefore an ideal home for an organization devoted to sharing the history of the county and community. The History Center’s board, which had significant concerns about the ongoing viability of the 1st Avenue facility both in terms of its size and ability to draw audiences, decided a move to the Douglas Mansion would strengthen The History Center while ensuring the preservation of the mansion itself.